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Gastropoda: : Naticoidea: Naticidae

Euspira pallida (Broderip & Sowerby, 1829)

Range: 80°N to 34°N; 130°W to 0°W
Depth: 0 to 2480 m (live 4 to 2480 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 42  mm


Natica pusilla auct. non Say, 1822
Lunatia pallida (Broderip & Sowerby, 1829) 
Natica pallida Broderip & Sowerby, 1829
Natica borealis Gray, 1839
Natica alba Philippi, 1842
Natica groenlandica Möller, 1842
Lunatia groenlandica (Möller, 1842) 
Natica livida Thorpe, 1844
Natica gouldii Philippi, 1845
Natica caurina Gould, 1847
Natica clausaea Middendorff, 1849
Natica normalis Middendorff, 1849
Natica tenuis auct. non Récluz, 1850
Natica bulbosa Reeve, 1855
Natica depressa Brögger, 1901
Natica elatior Brögger, 1901
Euspira canonica Dall, 1919
Euspira monterona Dall, 1919


Natica pallida Broderip & Sowerby, 1829, p. 372
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Icy Cape, Oceano Arctico
Range: 80°N to 34°N; 130°W to 0°W
Depth: 0 to 2278 m (live 4 to 200 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 42 mm
Distribution: Greenland: West Greenland, East Greenland; Canada: Nunavut, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Baffin Island, Hudson Bay, Quebec; USA: North Carolina
References: Thorson (1944) Ll; Macpherson (1971) {Ll}NEWM; Porter (1974) S; ANSP d
Combining Genera:  Lunatia

Natica alba Philippi, 1842, p. 16-17, pl. 1, fig. 13
Attributed to: Lovén MS
Type Locality: Grönlandia
Maximum Reported Size: 17 mm
Distribution: Greenland
References: Philippi (1842) M; Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s

Natica borealis Gray, 1839, p. 136, pl. 37, fig. 2
Type Locality: North Sea
Maximum Reported Size: 19 mm
References: Gray (1839) M; Macpherson (1971) s

Natica bulbosa Reeve, 1855b,  pl. 26, fig. 119a-b
Type Locality: Unknown
References: Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s

Euspira canonica Dall, 1919b, p. 353
Type Locality: USFC sta. 2923, off San Diego, California
Maximum Reported Size: 8 mm
References: Dall (1919b) M

Natica caurina Gould, 1847b, p. 239, [Gould 1860, pl. 15, fig. 254-254a]
Type Locality: Straits of De Fuca
Maximum Reported Size: 10 mm

Natica pallida var. hybr. clausaea Middendorff, 1849b, p. 422
[Not available]
Type Locality: Not stated
Comments: Nude name; infrasubspecific.

Natica depressa Brögger, 1901, 
References: Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s

Natica elatior Brögger, 1901, 
References: Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s

Natica gouldii Philippi, 1845c, p. 77-78
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Maine
Maximum Reported Size: 17 mm
Distribution: USA: Maine
References: Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s?

Natica groenlandica Möller, 1842a, p. 80
Attributed to: Beck
Type Locality: [West] Greenland
Range: 72.78°N to 35°N; 76°W to 0°W
Depth: 5.5 to 2480 m (live 15 to 2480 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 30 mm
Distribution: Greenland: West Greenland; USA: Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey
References: Möller (1842a) {M}; Posselt & Jensen (1899) DNM; Bush (1893) DLlW; Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s; Procter (1933) {Ll}; Bousfield (1964) {DN}dSE; Marincovich (1977) T
Combining Genera:  Lunatia

Natica livida Thorpe, 1844, 
[Synonymy uncertain]
Attributed to: Bean
References: Dautzenberg & Fischer (1912) s?

Euspira monterona Dall, 1919b, p. 352-353
Type Locality: USFC sta. 1199, Captains Bay, Unalaska
Maximum Reported Size: 19 mm
References: Dall (1919b) M

Natica pallida f. normalis Middendorff, 1849b, p. 421
[Not available]
Type Locality: Mare Glac. Ross., Ins. Kolgujev
Maximum Reported Size: 38 mm
References: Middendorff (1849b) M
Comments: Infrasubspecific.

Natica pusilla auct. non Say, 1822, 
[Not available]
Range: 42.5°N ; 70.5°W
Maximum Reported Size: 12 mm
Distribution: USA: Massachusetts
References: Gould (1841) NSEWM; Macpherson (1971) s
Comments: Misidentification by Gould (1841).

Natica tenuis auct. non Récluz, 1850, 
[Not available]
Comments: Misidentification by Dall (1889a) (Alan R. Kabat, pers. comm., 8 March 2007)

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