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Gastropoda: : Fissurelloidea: Fissurellidae

Profundisepta profundi (Jeffreys, 1877)

Range: 56.18°N to 18.64°N; 79.64°W to 9.93°W
Depth: 538 to 2652 m
Maximum Reported Size: 6  mm


Puncturella profundi Jeffreys, 1877
Fissurisepta profundi (Jeffreys, 1877) 
Puncturella acuta Watson, 1883
Puncturella multifila Dall, 1927


Puncturella profundi Jeffreys, 1877, p. 232-233, [Jeffreys 1882, pl. 50, fig. 10]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Porcupine Expedition, coast of Portugal, 740-1095 fathoms [Sta. 16, 39°55'N, 09°56'W, 994 fathoms]
Range: 56.18°N ; 37.68°W to 9.93°W
Depth: 2652 m
Maximum Reported Size: 6 mm
Distribution: Greenland: unlocalized; Eastern Atlantic: Iceland
References: Jeffreys (1877) DdNSW; Pérez Farfante (1947) T; Warén (1991) {c}; McLean & Geiger (1998) c
Combining Genera:  Fissurisepta

Puncturella acuta Watson, 1883b, p. 35
Type Locality: Challenger sta. 24, north of Culebra Island
Range: 18.64°N ; 65.09°W
Depth: 713 m
Maximum Reported Size: 5.3 mm
Distribution: Puerto Rico: Culebra Island
References: Watson (1883b) DdNSEWM; Pérez Farfante (1947) s

Puncturella profundi var. multifila Dall, 1927b, p. 111
Type Locality: Not stated
Range: 30.98°N to 30.73°N; 79.64°W to 79.43°W
Depth: 538 to 805 m
Maximum Reported Size: 5 mm
Distribution: USA: Georgia
References: Pérez Farfante (1947) s

Puncturella multifilia sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Error for multifila by Boss, Rosewater & Ruhoff (1968).

Partial List of References

Dall, W. H. 1927. Small shells from dredgings off the southeast coast of the United States by the United States Fisheries Steamer 'Albatross' in 1885 and 1886 Proceedings of the United States National Museum 70(2667) 1-134.
Jeffreys, J. G. 1877. New and peculiar Mollusca of the Patellidae and other families of Gastropoda procured in the 'Valorous' Expedition Annals and Magazine of Natural History (4)19 231-243.
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