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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Volutoidea: Volutidae

Miomelon scoresbyanum A. W. B. Powell, 1951

Range: 52.16°S to 53.93°S; 64.93°W to 59.38°W
Depth: 150 to 567 m (live 150 to 229 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 49.7  mm


Miomelon scoresbyanum A. W. B. Powell, 1951
Pachycymbiola scoresbyanum (A. W. B. Powell, 1951) 
Miomelon malvina Kaiser, 1977


Miomelon scoresbyana A. W. B. Powell, 1951, p. 163, pl. 9, fig. 43
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Sta. WS 816, between Falkland Is. and Strait of Magellan
Range: 52.16°S to 53.13°S; 64.93°W to 59.38°W
Depth: 150 to 567 m (live 150 to 229 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 49.7 mm
Distribution: Argentina, Falkland Islands
References: Powell (1951) dlNW; Dell (1990) DLSEM
Combining Genera:  Pachycymbiola

Miomelon malvina Kaiser, 1977a, p. 25, pl. 3, figs. c-d
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: 53°56'S, 63°40'W, 400 m [off Tierra del Fuego, Argentina]
Range: 53.93°S to 53.93°S; 63.67°W
Depth: 400 m
Maximum Reported Size: 41 mm
Distribution: Argentina, Tierra del Fuego
References: Kaiser (1977a) DdNSEWM; Dell (1990) s?; Goto & Poppe (1992) s

Partial List of References

Kaiser, P. 1977. Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Voluten (Mollusca) in argentinisch-brasilianischen Gewässern (mit der Beschreibung zweier neuer Arten) Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut 74 11-26, pls. 1-3. [Stated date: -- Nov 1977.]
Powell, A. W. B. 1951. Antarctic and Subantarctic Mollusca: Pelecypoda and Gastropoda Discovery Reports 26 47-196, pls. 5-10. [Stated date: -- Mar 1951.]

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