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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Volutoidea: Volutidae

Adelomelon beckii (Broderip, 1836)

Range: 20°S to 52°S; 68°W to 40°W
Depth: 40 to 75 m
Maximum Reported Size: 492  mm


Voluta festiva auct. non Lamarck, 1811
Voluta beckii Broderip, 1836
Janeithoe beckii (Broderip, 1836) 
Voluta fusiformis Kiener, 1839
Voluta connexa Lahille, 1895
Voluta ornata Lahille, 1895
Voluta typica Lahille, 1895
Adelomelon indigestum Ihering, 1908
Cymbiola indigestum (Ihering, 1908) 


Voluta beckii Broderip, 1836b, p. 43
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Unknown
Range: 20°S to 52°S; 68°W to 40°W
Depth: 40 to 75 m
Maximum Reported Size: 492 mm
Distribution: Brazil: Rio Grande do Norte, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catarina; Argentina: Buenos Aires, Chubut; Tierra del Fuego
References: Kaiser (1977); Coltro (2005a)
Combining Genera:  Janeithoe

Voluta fusiformis [var.] connexa Lahille, 1895, p. 302, pl. 3, figs. 19-20
Type Locality: Not stated
Distribution: Argentina
References: Clench & Turner (1964) s

Voluta festiva auct. non Lamarck, 1811, 
[Not available]
Maximum Reported Size: 350 mm
References: Clench & Turner (1964) s
Comments: Misidentification by d'Orbigny (1841a).

Voluta fusiformis Kiener, 1839a, p. 41, pl. 49
Type Locality: l'Océan Méridional, les côtes Magellaniques
Maximum Reported Size: 350 mm
References: Kiener (1839a) M; Clench & Turner (1964) s
Comments: Non Brocchi, 1814.

Adelomelon indigestus Ihering, 1908, p. 433-434, fig. 2
Type Locality: Sao Sebastiao, sur la côte de Sao Paulo, Brazil [also Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro (Wiggers & Veitenheimer-Mendes 2005)]
Range: 23°S to 32°S; 51°W to 43°W
Maximum Reported Size: 402 mm
Distribution: Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul
References: Ihering (1908) {NE}; Clench & Turner (1964) s; Coltro (2005a) SWM; Wiggers & Veitenheimer-Mendes (2005) NETM
Comments: Recognized as a southern subspecies of A. beckii by Coltro (2005a), but the syntypes illustrated by Wiggers & Veitenheimer-Mendes (2005) are the northern (more slender) form.
Combining Genera:  Cymbiola

Voluta fusiformis [var.] ornata Lahille, 1895, p. 301-302, pl. 3, figs. 16-17; pl. 4, figs. 24-26
Type Locality: Not stated
Maximum Reported Size: 230 mm
Distribution: Argentina
References: Lahille (1895) M; Clench & Turner (1964) s

Voluta fusiformis [var.] typica Lahille, 1895, p. 301, pl. 1, figs. 14-15; pl. 3, figs. 18, 21-23
Type Locality: Not stated
Maximum Reported Size: 360 mm
Distribution: Argentina
References: Lahille (1895) M
Comments: Infrasubspecific.

Partial List of References

Broderip, W. J. 1836. Descriptions of some species of shells apparently not hitherto recorded Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 4 43-45.
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