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Gastropoda: : Fissurelloidea: Fissurellidae

Emarginula crassa Sowerby I, 1812

Range: 18.3°N ; 65°W
Maximum Reported Size: 21  mm


Emarginula crassa Sowerby I, 1812
Emarginula magnifica Pilsbry, 1891


Emarginula crassa Sowerby I, 1812,
[Basis of the current name]
Maximum Reported Size: 21 mm
References: Pérez Farfante (1947) d

Emarginula magnifica Pilsbry, 1891, p. 251-252, pl. 64, figs. 5-6
Type Locality: St. Croix, West Indies
Range: 18.3°N ; 65°W
Distribution: Virgin Islands: St. Croix
References: Pérez Farfante (1947) s
Comments: Pérez Farfante (1947) considered the type material of E. magnifica to be fossil and did not know of Recent records of the species living in the Western Atlantic.

Partial List of References

Pilsbry, H. A. 1891. Stomatellidae, Scissurellidae, Pleurotomariidae, Haliotidae, Scutellinidae, Addisoniidae, Cocculinidae, Fissurellidae Manual of Conchology (1)12(48) 193-323, pls. 46-65.

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