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Bivalvia: : Ostreoidea: Ostreidae

Ostreola equestris (Say, 1834)

Range: 37°N to 42°S; 91°W to 35°W
Depth: 0 to 80 m (live 0 to 11 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 47  mm


Ostrea cristata auct. non Born, 1778
Ostrea equestris Say, 1834
Ostrea spreta d'Orbigny, 1846
Ostrea fundata Holmes, 1858
Teskyostrea weberi auct. non Olsson, 1951


Ostrea equestris Say, 1834,
[Basis of the current name]
Range: 37°N to 42°S; 91°W to 35°W
Depth: 0 to 80 m (live 0 to 11 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 47 mm
Distribution: USA: Virginia, Georgia, Florida: East Florida, West Florida, Florida Keys; USA: Texas
References: Sykes & Hall (1970); Harry (1985) c; Reed & Mikkelsen (1987) D; Lyons (1989b) L; Kirkendale et al. (2004) l
Comments: The New Jersey record of Hoagland (1983c) needs confirmation.

Ostrea cristata auct. non Born, 1778, 
[Not available]
Attributed to: Perry & Schwengel (1955)
Range: 27°N ; 82°W
Depth: 7 to 11 m
Maximum Reported Size: 40 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: West Florida
References: Perry & Schwengel (1955) DdNSEWM
Comments: Misidentification.

Ostrea fundata Holmes, 1858, 

Ostrea gundata sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Misspelling by Abbott (1974).

Ostrea spreta d'Orbigny, 1846, p. 672, [d'Orbigny 1853, pl. 28, fig. 30]
Type Locality: Rio de Janeiro; Antilles, principalement à Cuba
Range: 20°N to 23°S; 74°W to 43°W
Maximum Reported Size: 35 mm
Distribution: Cuba, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
References: d'Orbigny (1846) SEM

Teskyostrea weberi auct. non Olsson, 1951, 
[Not available]
Distribution: Florida: Florida Keys
References: Baker in Kirkendale et al. (2004: 310) s
Comments: Misidentification by Jozefowicz & O Foighil (1998).

Partial List of References

d'Orbigny, A. 1846. Mollusques Voyage dans l'Amérique Méridionale 5 489-728 [and 729-758?]. P. Bertrand: Paris. [True date: -- --- 1846.]

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