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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Buccinoidea: Peristerniinae

Teralatirus ernesti (Melvill, 1910)

Range: 23.15°N to 12.12°N; 86.8°W to 61.8°W
Depth: 5 to 8 m
Maximum Reported Size: 12  mm


Mitra roborea Reeve, 1845
Latirus ernesti Melvill, 1910
Fusilatirus ernesti (Melvill, 1910) 
Latirus festivus Haas, 1941


Latirus ernesti Melvill, 1910, p. 147, text-fig.
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Ad Antillarum insulas
Range: 23.15°N to 12.12°N; 86.8°W to 61.8°W
Depth: 5 to 8 m
Maximum Reported Size: 12 mm
Distribution: Mexico: Quintana Roo; Honduras: Roatan Island; ABC Islands: Bonaire; Cuba: North Matanzas; Antigua
References: Melvill (1910) M; McGinty (1962) NE; Saras˙a (1970); Ekdale (1974) W; Kalafut (2008); ANSP S
Combining Genera:  Fusilatirus

Latirus festivus Haas, 1941, p. 167-169, pl. 1, pl. 2, figs. a-b
Type Locality: Mujeres Island, Yucatan, Mexico
Range: 21.2°N ; 86.8°W
Maximum Reported Size: 10.8 mm
Distribution: Mexico: Quintana Roo
References: Haas (1941) NSEWM; Jong & Coomans (1988) s

Mitra roborea Reeve, 1845b,  pl. 37, fig. 306
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Unknown
References: Haas (1941) s?
Comments: Has priority if the synonymy is correct.

Partial List of References

Haas, F. 1941. Malacological notes--II Zoological Series of the Field Museum of Natural History 24 167-174, pls. 1-2. [Stated date: 31 Jan 1941; true date: pre Feb 3.]
Melvill, J. C. 1910. Description of a new species of Latirus Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London 9 147. [Stated date: -- Jun 1910; true date: pre Aug.]
Reeve, L. 1845. Monograph of the genus Mitra Conchologia Iconica 2 pls. 28-39

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