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Gastropoda: : Naticoidea: Naticidae

Natica menkeana Philippi, 1851

Range: 27.97°N to 23°S; 96.49°W to 44°W
Depth: 0 to 256 m
Maximum Reported Size: 18  mm


Natica menkeana Philippi, 1851
Natica castrensis Dall, 1889


Natica menkeana Philippi, 1851a, p. 45-46, [Conch. Cab. II, pl. 15, fig. 8]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Portorico
Range: 25°N to 23°S; 90.5°W to 44°W
Depth: 0 to 183 m
Maximum Reported Size: 15 mm
Distribution: Mexico: Campeche Bank, Quintana Roo; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Nevis, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
References: Ekdale (1974) {W}; Hewitt (2005b) d; García (2007b) W

Natica (Natica) castrensis Dall, 1889a, p. 293-294
Type Locality: Barbados, 100 fms.; off Sombrero [Florida Keys], 54 fms.; USFC sta. 152 [sic, 142], Flannegan's Pass, 27 fms.; Key West
Range: 27.97°N to 13°N; 96.49°W to 60°W
Depth: 49 to 256 m
Maximum Reported Size: 18 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: Florida Keys; USA: Louisiana, Texas; Virgin Islands: British Virgin Islands; Barbados
References: Dall (1889a) dSE{DNW}; Kaicher (1975b) T; Odé (1982b) DM; HMNS NW
Comments: Contrary to the statement in Malacolog 3.2.4, Kaicher (1975b: 725) did not select a lectotype by inferring a holotype; Dall cited several localities, so he had more than one specimen (ICZN Article 74.6).

Partial List of References

Dall, W. H. 1889. Reports on the results of dredgings, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in the Caribbean Sea (1879-80), by the U. S. Coast Survey Steamer 'Blake,' Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 18 1-492, pls. 10-40. [Stated date: 08 Jun 1889.]
Philippi, R. A. 1851. Centuria quarta testaceorum novorum Zeitschrift für Malakozoologie 8 39-48. [Stated date: -- Jul 1851.]

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