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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Muricoidea: Trophoninae

Xymenopsis subnodosa (Gray, 1839)

Range: 54°S to 54°S; 0°W
Maximum Reported Size: 37  mm


Buccinum subnodosum Gray, 1839
Trophon cancellina (Philippi, 1845) 
Fusus cancellinus Philippi, 1845


Fusus muriciformis var. B. subnodosa Gray, 1839, p. 118
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Pacific Ocean
Maximum Reported Size: 27 mm
Distribution: Straits of Magellan, Chile
References: Gray (1839) M; Pastorino & Harasewych (2000) vT

Fusus cancellinus Philippi, 1845a, p. 67, [Philippi 1846d, pl. 3, fig. 2]
Type Locality: Fretum Magellanicum
Range: 54°S to 54°S
Maximum Reported Size: 37 mm
Distribution: Straits of Magellan
References: Philippi (1845a) M; Powell (1951) c; Pastorino & Harasewych (2000) sT
Combining Genera:  Trophon

Partial List of References

Gray, J. E. 1839. Molluscous animals, and their shells The Zoology of Captain Beechey's Voyage 101-142, pls. 33-38 Henry G. Bohn: London. [Stated date: -- Jul 1839.]
Philippi, [R.] A. 1845. Diagnosen einiger neuen Conchylien Archiv für Naturgeschichte 11 50-71.

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