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Bivalvia: : Arcoidea: Arcidae

Lunarca ovalis (Bruguière, 1789)

Range: 42°N to 35°S; 91°W to 35°W
Depth: 0 to 11 m (live 1 to 11 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 64  mm


Arca ovalis Bruguière, 1789
Arca campechiensis Gmelin, 1791
Arca indica auct. non Gmelin, 1791
Arca declivis Dillwyn, 1817
Arca cayenensis Lamarck, 1819
Arca pexata Say, 1822
Argina pexata (Say, 1822) 
Arca americana Wood, 1828
Arca holmesii Kurtz, 1860


Arca ovalis Bruguière, 1789,
[Basis of the current name]
Range: 42°N to 35°S; 91°W to 35°W
Depth: 0 to 11 m (live 1 to 11 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 56 mm
Distribution: USA: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Florida: East Florida, West Florida; USA: Texas
References: Zinn (1984) dM; Long Island Shell Club (1988) l; Lyons (1989b) DL; Mikkelsen (2005) c

Arca americana Wood, 1828, 
Attributed to: Gray MS
References: Dall (1898b) s

Arca campechiensis Gmelin, 1791, 
References: Dall (1898b)

Arca cayenensis Lamarck, 1819, 
References: Mikkelsen (2005) s

Arca declivis Dillwyn, 1817, p. 238, Not figured
[Not available]
Type Locality: Jamaica and Carolina
Distribution: Jamaica
References: Dall (1898b) s
Comments: Name introduced in synonymy of Arca campechiensis.

Arca holmesii Kurtz, 1860, p. 5, Not figured
Attributed to: Stimpson (1860)
Type Locality: North and South Carolina
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, South Carolina

Arca indica auct. non Gmelin, 1791, 
[Not available]
References: Mikkelsen (2005) s
Comments: Misidentification.

Arca pexata Say, 1822, 
[Synonymy uncertain]
Range: 40°N to 38°N; 75.5°W to 74°W
Maximum Reported Size: 64 mm
Distribution: USA: New Jersey, Virginia
References: Perkins (1869); B. B. Baker (1951) SWM; Lowden (1965) NE
Combining Genera:  Argina

Partial List of References

Dillwyn, L. W. 1817. A descriptive catalogue of recent shells A Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells 1-2 xii + 1-580; [iv] + 581-1121. John and Arthur Arch: Cornhill.
Kurtz, J. D. 1860. Catalogue of Recent marine shells, found on the coasts of North and South Carolina  9 pp. Author: Portland.

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