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Bivalvia: Euheterodonta: Veneroidea: Venerinae

Globivenus rigida (Dillwyn, 1817)

Range: 25°N to 23°S; 89.7°W to 32.5°W
Depth: 0.3 to 100 m
Maximum Reported Size: 62  mm


Venus rugosa auct. non Linnaeus, 1771
Venus rigida Dillwyn, 1817
Cytherea rigida (Dillwyn, 1817) 
Ventricolaria rigida (Dillwyn, 1817) 
Antigona rigida (Dillwyn, 1817) 


Venus rigida Dillwyn, 1817, p. 164-165, [Chemnitz 1782, pl. 29, fig. 303; Lister Conch. pl. 286, fig. 123]
[Basis of the current name]
Attributed to: Solander MS
Type Locality: Jamaica; Brazil; West Indies
Range: 25°N to 12°S; 89.7°W to 32.5°W
Depth: 0.3 to 100 m
Maximum Reported Size: 62 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: East Florida, Florida Keys; Mexico: Alacran Reef
References: Rice & Kornicker (1962) WM; Turgeon et al. (1998) c
Combining Genera:  Antigona Cytherea Ventricolaria

Venus rugosa auct. non Linnaeus, 1771, 
[Not available]
Attributed to: Chemnitz (1782)
Range: 14.5°N to 23°S; 61°W to 43°W
Maximum Reported Size: 50 mm
Distribution: Martinique, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
References: d'Orbigny (1846) NSEWM; Mikkelsen & Bieler (2004) s
Comments: Misidentification by Gmelin (1791, in part), d'Orbigny (1846).

Partial List of References

Dillwyn, L. W. 1817. A descriptive catalogue of recent shells A Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells 1-2 xii + 1-580; [iv] + 581-1121. John and Arthur Arch: Cornhill.

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