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Gastropoda: : Neritoidea: Neritidae

Nerita ascensionis Gmelin, 1791

Range: 4°S to 20.5°S; 33.8°W to 14.4°W
Depth: 0 to 0 m (live 0 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 36  mm


Nerita ascensionis Gmelin, 1791
Nerita chlorostoma Lamarck, 1816
Nerita deturpensis Vermeij, 1970
Nerita trindadeensis Vermeij, 1970


Nerita ascensionis Gmelin, 1791, p. 3683, [Chemnitz 1781, pl. 191, figs. 1956-1957]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Ascension Island
Range: 8°S to 8°S; 14.4°W
Depth: 0 m (live 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 36 mm
Distribution: Ascension Island
References: Gmelin (1791) NSEW; E. A. Smith (1890c)

Nerita chlorostoma Lamarck, 1816,  pl. 454, figs. 4a-b
Type Locality: Not stated

Nerita deturpensis Vermeij, 1970, 
Range: 4°S to 4°S; 33.8°W to 32.5°W
Distribution: Brazil: Atol das Rocas, Fernando de Noronha

Nerita trindadeensis Vermeij, 1970, 
Range: 20.5°S to 20.5°S; 29.3°W to 28.85°W
Depth: 0 m (live 0 m)
Distribution: Brazil: Trindade Island, Martin Vaz Islands
References: Vermeij & Snyder (1999) NSEW

Partial List of References

Gmelin, J. F. 1791. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae. Editio decima tertia Systema Naturae, 13th ed., vol. 1(6) 3021-3910. Lipsiae.
Lamarck, [J. B.] 1816. Tableau Encyclopédique et Méthodique des Trois Règnes de la Nature  [iii] + 16 pp., pls. 391-431, 431 bis, 431 bis*, 432-488. Veuve Agasse: Paris.

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