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Gastropoda: : Littorinoidea: Littorinidae

Echinolittorina ziczac (Gmelin, 1791)

Range: 32.3°N to 9.4°N; 89.7°W to 59.6°W
Depth: -3 to 0 m (live -3 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 23  mm


Trochus ziczak Chemnitz, 1781
Trochus ziczac Gmelin, 1791
Littorina ziczac (Gmelin, 1791) 
Nodilittorina ziczac (Gmelin, 1791) 
Littorina zigzag d'Orbigny, 1841
Littorina debilis Philippi, 1846
Litorina dorbignyana Philippi, 1847
Litorina undulata Philippi, 1847


Trochus ziczac Gmelin, 1791, p. 3587, [Chemnitz 1781, pl. 166, fig. 1599a-b]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Unknown [Chemnitz figure based on specimen from 'Zuckerinseln', i.e. the sugar growing islands of the Antilles; restricted to Barbados by Bequaert (1943:17)]
Range: 32.3°N to 9.4°N; 89.7°W to 59.6°W
Depth: -3 to 0 m (live -3 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 20 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: East Florida; Mexico: Alacran Reef, Quintana Roo; Honduras: Swan Island; Colombia: Offshore islands; Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia; ABC Islands: Curacao; Venezuela: Gulf of Venezuela, Falcon, Vargas, Sucre; Bermuda, Bahamas: Abaco (Great or Little), Bimini, San Salvador (Watling Is.); Cuba: Pinar del Rio, North Havana Province, North Matanzas, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba; Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman Island, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac; Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico; Virgin Islands: St. Croix; St. Vincent & the Grenadines: St. Vincent, Mustique, Grenada; Barbados
References: Olsson & McGinty (1958) S; Voss & Voss (1960) l; Ekdale (1974) {W}; Princz (1978b); Bandel & Kadolsky (1982) NET; Vokes & Vokes (1983, original station data) W; Fernández Milera (1998); Redfern (2001) M; Williams et al. (2003) c; Vegas Torres (2004); Hewitt (2005a)
Comments: 26°N in Florida; Georgia record by Prezant et al. (2002) needs confirmation.
Combining Genera:  Littorina Nodilittorina

Littorina debilis Philippi, 1846g, p. 140
Type Locality: Unknown
Maximum Reported Size: 9.8 mm
References: Philippi (1846g) M; Bandel & Kadolsky (1982) sT

Litorina d'orbignyana Philippi, 1847a, p. 162, pl. 3, fig. 2
Type Locality: Cuba; Jamaica; Mte Christi in Columbia occidentali
Maximum Reported Size: 22 mm
Distribution: Cuba, Jamaica, Martinique
References: Philippi (1847a) M; Bandel & Kadolsky (1982) sT

Littorina orbignyana sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Misspelling by Rios (1985).

Litorina undulata Philippi, 1847a, p. 163
Attributed to: Menke MS
Type Locality: Not stated
Comments: Name introduced in synonymy of L. ziczac; non Gray, 1839 nec d'Orbigny, 1841.

Trochus ziczak Chemnitz, 1781, p. 69-70, pl. 166, figs. 1599a-b [1600a-b excluded]
[Not available]
Type Locality: Ufern der Zuckerinseln
Comments: Non-binominal, used by Mörch (1876:137).

Littorina zigzag d'Orbigny, 1841b, p. 210-211, pl. 15, figs. 5-8
[Objective synonym of valid name]
Attributed to: Chemnitz
Range: 23°N to 14.5°N; 82.5°W to 61°W
Maximum Reported Size: 23 mm
Distribution: Venezuela: Sucre, Isla Margarita; Cuba: North Havana Province; Martinique
References: Bandel & Kadolsky (1982); Macsotay & Campos (2001)
Comments: Emendation of ziczac.

Partial List of References

Chemnitz, J. H. 1781. Neues systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet Neues Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet 5 [xxiv] + 324 pp., pls. 160-193. Gabriel Nicolaus Raspe: Nürnberg. [True date: post 2 Mar.]
d'Orbigny, A. 1841. Mollusques Histoire Physique, Politique et Naturelle de l'île de Cuba 1 1-240, pls. 1-10?. Arthus Bertrand: Paris. [Stated date: -- --- 1853; true date: -- --- 1841.]
Gmelin, J. F. 1791. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae. Editio decima tertia Systema Naturae, 13th ed., vol. 1(6) 3021-3910. Lipsiae.
Philippi, R. A. 1846. Descriptions of a new species of Trochus, and of eighteen new species of Littorina, in the collection of H. Cuming, Esq. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 13 38-143. [Stated date: -- Dec 1845; true date: -- Feb 1846.]
Philippi, R. A. 1847. Litorina Abbildungen und Beschreibungen neuer oder wenig gekannter Conchylien 2(6) 159-167, pl. 3. [Stated date: -- Jan 1847.]

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