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Gastropoda: : Neritoidea: Neritidae

Nerita tessellata Gmelin, 1791

Range: 32.3°N to 3°S; 96°W to 42°W
Depth: -0.5 to 3 m (live -0.5 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 25  mm


Nerita tessellata Gmelin, 1791
Nerita angulata Röding, 1798
Nerita exarata Pfeiffer, 1840
Nerita listeri auct. non Récluz, 1841
Nerita varia Mörch, 1852
Nerita commanotata Reeve, 1855
Nerita nivosa Reeve, 1855
Nerita scalpta Reeve, 1855


Nerita tessellata Gmelin, 1791, p. 3685, [Chemnitz 1781, pl. 192, figs. 1998-1999]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: 'insulas inter Africam et mediam Americam'
Range: 32.3°N to 3°S; 96°W to 42°W
Depth: -0.5 to 3 m (live -0.5 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 25 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: East Florida, West Florida, Florida Keys; USA: Texas; Mexico: Veracruz, Campeche State, Cayo Arcas, Campeche, Yucatan State, Alacran Reef, Quintana Roo; Belize; Honduras: Swan Island; Colombia: Offshore islands; Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela: Falcon, Sucre, Islas Los Roques; Bermuda, Bahamas: Grand Bahama Island, Abaco (Great or Little), Bimini, Andros, New Providence, Eleuthera; Cuba: Pinar del Rio, North Havana Province, North Matanzas, Villa Clara, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba; Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman Island, Little Cayman; Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico; Virgin Islands: St. Croix; Barbuda, Antigua, Dominica; St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Mustique, Grenada; Barbados, Brazil: Piaui
References: Dautzenberg (1900); Russell (1941) W; Voss & Voss (1960) l; García-Cubas (1982) M; Vokes & Vokes (1983, original station data) {W}; Fernández Milera (1998); Macsotay & Campos (2001) D; Vegas Torres (2004); Hewitt (2005a)
Comments: 30°N in Florida (Russell 1941, pl. 6).

Nerita angulata Röding, 1798, p. 18, [Chemnitz 1781, pl. 192, figs. 1998-1999]
Type Locality: Not stated

Nerita comma-notata Reeve, 1855c,  pl. 17, fig. 72a-b
Type Locality: Unknown
References: Pilsbry (1888) s

Narita [sic] exarata Pfeiffer, 1840, p. 255, Not figured
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Cuba [Nordküste (Pfeiffer 1839: 349), Matanzas Bay or Cardenas, based on localities cited by Pfeiffer (1854c)]
Range: 23°N ; 81.2°W to 81.7°W
Maximum Reported Size: 24 mm
Distribution: Cuba: North Matanzas
References: Pfeiffer (1840) NSEW; Pilsbry (1888) s

Nerita listeri auct. non Récluz, 1841, 
[Not available; synonymy uncertain]
References: Pilsbry (1888) s
Comments: Misidentification; Kabat & Finet (1992) consider N. listeri to be the Pacific Nerita insculpta Récluz, 1841.

Nerita nivosa Reeve, 1855c,  pl. 16, fig. 66a-b
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Unknown
References: Pilsbry (1888) s

Nerita scalpta Reeve, 1855c,  pl. 7, fig. 31a-b
Type Locality: Unknown
References: Pilsbry (1888) s

Nerita (Theliostyla) varia Mörch, 1852, p. 168
[Objective synonym of valid name]
Attributed to: Meuschen
Type Locality: Antilles

Partial List of References

Gmelin, J. F. 1791. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae. Editio decima tertia Systema Naturae, 13th ed., vol. 1(6) 3021-3910. Lipsiae.
Mörch, O. A. L. 1852. Catalogus Conchyliorum quae Reliquit D. Alphonso d'Aguirra & Gadea Comes de Yoldi. Fasciculus Primus  [vi] + 170 pp. Hafniae. [Stated date: -- --- 1852; true date: pre 1 Oct.]
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Röding, P. F. 1798. Museum Boltenianum  viii + 199 pp. Hamburg. [Stated date: -- Sep 1798.]

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