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Gastropoda: : Velutinoidea: Eratoinae

Hespererato maugeriae (Gray, 1832)

Range: 35°N to 26°S; 96.1°W to 39°W
Depth: 1.5 to 120 m (live 11 to 51 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 6  mm


Erato laevis auct. non Donovan, 1804
Erato maugeriae Gray, 1832
Hesperato maugeriae (Gray, 1832) 
Marginella albilabris Conrad, 1846
Hespererato martinicensis Schilder, 1933
Persicula dalli Lange de Morretes, 1940
Erato venezuelana Weisbord, 1962


Erato maugeriae Gray, 1832,
[Basis of the current name]
Range: 35°N to 26°S; 96.1°W to 39°W
Depth: 1.5 to 120 m (live 11 to 51 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 6 mm
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, Florida: East Florida, West Florida; USA: Flower Garden Banks, Texas; Mexico: Campeche State, Yucatan State, Campeche Bank, Quintana Roo; Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela: unlocalized; Cuba: North Havana Province, North Matanzas, Villa Clara; Puerto Rico; Virgin Islands: St. Croix; Brazil: Amapa, Para, Bahia, Espirito Santo, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina
References: Dautzenberg (1900); Parker & Curray (1956) W; Lyons et al. (1971) d; Princz (1982a); Lyons (1989b) l; Fernández Milera (1998); Simone (2004) D{L}S; García (2007b) L
Combining Genera:  Hesperato

Marginella albilabris Conrad, 1846a, p. 26
Type Locality: Tampa Bay [Florida]
Range: 28°N ; 82.5°W
Distribution: USA: Florida: West Florida
References: Conrad (1846a) NSEW; W. G. Lyons (pers. comm. 8 June 1992) s

Persicula dalli Lange de Morretes, 1940, p. 252-253, pl. 1, fig. 4-7
Attributed to: Ihering MS
Type Locality: Bertioga, Santos
Maximum Reported Size: 6 mm
Distribution: Brazil: Sao Paulo
References: Lange de Morretes (1940) M; Rios (1975) s; Simone (2004) s

Erato laevis auct. non Donovan, 1804, 
[Not available]
References: Dall (1890c) s; Maury (1922) s
Comments: Misidentification by Emmons (1858).

Hespererato maugeriae martinicensis Schilder, 1933, p. 249, 254, 255, 258, 267, fig. 45
Attributed to: Preston MS
Type Locality: Martinique
Range: 14.5°N ; 61°W
Maximum Reported Size: 4.5 mm
Distribution: Martinique
References: Schilder (1933) NSEWM
Comments: Tentatively reported from Venezuela by Princz (1982a: 116).

Erato venezuelana Weisbord, 1962, p. 224-226, pl. 18, figs. 6-7
Type Locality: Lower Mare formation at W-13, on hillside above west bank of Quebrada Mare Abajo, Venezuela
Maximum Reported Size: 4.9 mm
References: Weisbord (1962) M; J. & W. Gibson-Smith (1979) s

Partial List of References

Conrad, T. A. 1846. Descriptions of new species of fossil and Recent shells and corals Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 3 19-27, pl. 1. [Stated date: -- Feb 1846; true date: pre June 30.]
Lange de Morretes, F. 1940. Novos moluscos marinhos do Brasil Arquivos de Zoologia do Estado de Sao Paulo 2 251-256, pls. 1-2. [Stated date: 22 Dec 1940.]
Schilder, F. A. 1933. Monograph of the subfamily Eratoinae Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London 20 244-283. [Stated date: -- Jul 1933.]
Weisbord, N. E. 1962. Late Cenozoic gastropods from northern Venezuela Bulletins of American Paleontology 42(193) 672 pp., 48 pls. [Stated date: 05 Mar 1962.]

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