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Gastropoda: : Tonnoidea: Ficidae

Ficus communis Röding, 1798

Range: 35°N to 10.7°N; 92°W to 69°W
Depth: 0 to 176 m
Maximum Reported Size: 145  mm


Ficus communis Röding, 1798
Pyrula reticulata Lamarck, 1816
Pirula papyratia (Say, 1822) 
Pyrula papyratia Say, 1822
Sycotypus papyratia (Say, 1822) 
Ficula gracilis Philippi, 1849
Pyrula fortior Mörch, 1877
Ficus caloosahatchiensis M. Smith, 1907
Pyrula pilsbryi B. Smith, 1907
Ficus carolae Clench, 1945
Ficus floridensis Olsson & Harbison, 1953


Ficus communis Röding, 1798, p. 148, [Knorr 3, pl. 23, fig. 1]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Not stated
Range: 35°N to 12°N; 91.47°W to 69°W
Depth: 0 to 46 m
Maximum Reported Size: 130 mm
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, Florida: East Florida, West Florida; Mexico: Campeche State, Yucatan State, Quintana Roo; Colombia; ABC Islands: unlocalized; Venezuela: Gulf of Venezuela
References: Springer & Bullis (1956) DW; Princz (1978b) S; Faber (2008b); ANSP M

Ficus caloosahatchiensis M. Smith, 1907, 
[Synonymy uncertain]
References: Campbell et al. (1975) s

Ficus carolae Clench, 1945b, p. 3, pl. 2, figs. 1-3
Type Locality: 5.5 miles SE of The Elbow, Key Largo, Florida, 92-100 fathoms
Range: 25°N to 22°N; 90°W to 81°W
Depth: 64 to 176 m
Maximum Reported Size: 145 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: Florida Keys; Mexico: Campeche Bank
References: Sunderland & Sunderland (1991a) dW; Verhaeghe & Poppe (2000) M

Ficus floridensis Olsson & Harbison, 1953, p. 258, pl. 41, fig. 3-3a
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Caloosahatchee River
Maximum Reported Size: 126 mm
References: Olsson & Harbison (1953) M

Pyrula fortior Mörch, 1877b, p. 43
Type Locality: Antilles or Campeche, Mexico
Range: 19°N ; 92°W
References: Mörch (1877b) NSEW; Clench (1942a) s

Ficula gracilis Philippi, 1849a, p. 97-98
Type Locality: 'sinus Mexicanus, Florida, Campeche'
Range: 26°N to 19°N; 92°W to 82°W
Maximum Reported Size: 74 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida; Mexico: Campeche State
References: Philippi (1849a) NSEWM
Comments: Non Sowerby, 1825.

Ficus papyracea sic, 
[Not available]
Range: 34°N to 33°N; 79°W to 78°W
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, South Carolina
References: Kurtz (1860) NSEW
Comments: Error for papyratia by Kurtz (1860).

Pyrula papyratia Say, 1822a, p. 238-239
Type Locality: Georgia; East Florida; West Indies
Range: 35°N to 10.7°N; 92°W to 71.6°W
Depth: 20 m
Maximum Reported Size: 104 mm
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida: East Florida, West Florida, Florida Keys; USA: Alabama; Mexico: Campeche State; Colombia, Venezuela: Gulf of Venezuela, Zulia; Bahamas: Grand Bahama Island
References: Say (1822a) M; Mörch (1877b) W; Dautzenberg (1900) Dd; Clench & Aguayo (1940) SE; Clench (1942a)
Comments: The neotype designated by Pilsbry (in Clench 1942) is invalid as a taxonomic need for the neotype was not stated. Clench's (1942a) record from Texas needs confirmation, as does the 165 mm size reported by Verhaeghe & Poppe (2000).
Combining Genera:  Pirula Sycotypus

Pyrula pilsbryi B. Smith, 1907, p. 213-214, text-fig. 1
Type Locality: 'Bowden beds, Oligocene (or Miocene)', Bowden, Jamaica
Maximum Reported Size: 42 mm
Distribution: Gulf of Mexico
References: B. Smith (1907) M; Sunderland & Sunderland (1991a); Robinson (1991) s

Pyrula reticulata Lamarck, 1816, p. [Lamarck 1822b, p. 141], pl. 432, fig. 2
Type Locality: Not stated [l'Océan indien (Lamarck 1822b), in error]
Maximum Reported Size: 108 mm
References: Dodge (1955: 31) s

Partial List of References

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