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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Muricoidea: Muricinae

Dermomurex alabastrum (A. Adams, 1864)

Range: 18.2°N to 9.5°N; 83.08°W to 61°W
Depth: 6 to 30 m
Maximum Reported Size: 29.5  mm


Murex alabastrum A. Adams, 1864
Murex adamsii Kobelt, 1877
Trophon engonatus Dall, 1892
Aspella engonatus (Dall, 1892) 
Aspella varians Usticke, 1969


Murex alabastrum A. Adams, 1864, p. 508-509, [Sowerby II 1879, pl. 21, fig. 191]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Martinique
Range: 17.2°N to 9.5°N; 83.08°W to 61°W
Depth: 6 to 30 m
Maximum Reported Size: 29.5 mm
Distribution: Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela: unlocalized; Nevis, Martinique
References: Robinson & Montoya (1987) W; E. H. Vokes (1992) DdSEM; Hewitt (2003) N; Hewitt (2003b); Hewitt (2005c) T
Comments: Vokes's (1992) record from St. Croix is based on the erroneous assumption that it is the type locality of Usticke's Aspella paupercula var. varians (see Hewitt 2003a: 5).

Murex adamsii Kobelt, 1877, 
[Objective synonym of valid name]
References: E. H. Vokes (1992) s
Comments: Unnecessary new name for Murex alabastrum A. Adams, 1864, non M. alabaster Reeve, 1845.

Trophon (Aspella) engonatus Dall, 1892b, p. 243-244, pl. 13, fig. 6a
Type Locality: 'Pliocene beds of Florida at Shell Creek'
Maximum Reported Size: 28 mm
References: Dall (1892b) M; E. H. Vokes (1992) s
Comments: Described as a fossil.
Combining Genera:  Aspella

Aspella paupercula var. varians Usticke, 1969, p. 15, pl. 3, fig. 692
Type Locality: Antigua (Maid Is.) [by lectotype designation of Boyko & Cordeiro (2001)]
Range: 18.2°N to 12°N; 70°W to 61.8°W
Maximum Reported Size: 27 mm
Distribution: ABC Islands: Aruba; Virgin Islands: St. Thomas; Antigua
References: Usticke (1969) NSEWM; E. H. Vokes (1992) s; Boyko & Cordeiro (2001a) T
Comments: Also treated as a subspecies by Usticke, therefore available under ICZN Article 45.6.1; see Boyko & Cordeiro (2001a).

Partial List of References

Adams, A. 1864. Description of a new genus and of twelve new species of Mollusca Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 31 507-509. [Stated date: 24 Nov 1863; true date: -- Apr 1864.]
Dall, W. H. 1892. Contributions to the Tertiary fauna of Florida, with especial reference to the Miocene silex-beds of Tampa and the Pliocene beds of the Caloosahatchie River. Part II. Streptodont and other gastropods, concluded Transactions of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia 3 [i-vii], 201-473, 1 fold-out map, pls. 13-22. [Stated date: -- Dec 1892.]
Usticke, G. W. Nowell. 1969. A Supplementary Listing of New Shells, to be Added to the Check List of the Marine Shells of St. Croix  32 pp., 6 pls. Author: St. Croix. [Stated date: -- Feb 1969.]

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