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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Muricoidea: Muricinae

Siratus articulatus (Reeve, 1845)

Range: 25°N to 5°N; 87.95°W to 0°W
Depth: 16 to 400 m (live 120 to 183 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 95  mm


Murex antillarum Hinds, 1844
Chicoreus articulatus (Reeve, 1845) 
Murex articulatus Reeve, 1845
Murex nodatus Reeve, 1845
Murex gundlachi Dunker, 1883
Murex finlayi Clench, 1955


Murex articulatus Reeve, 1845c, p. caption for pl. 22, [Sowerby 1841, fig. 69]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Unknown
Range: 25°N to 5°N; 87.95°W to 41°W
Depth: 16 to 400 m (live 120 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 60 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: East Florida; Honduras, Dominican Republic, Brazil: Ceara
References: E. H. Vokes (1990b) {D}; Sunderland (1990a) M; Houart (1999) dDNSE; Houart (2000) WLl
Combining Genera:  Chicoreus

Murex antillarum Hinds, 1844a, p. 126
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Tortola, West Indies
Range: 25°N to 12°N
Depth: 347 m
Maximum Reported Size: 95 mm
Distribution: Puerto Rico; Virgin Islands: Tortola
References: E. H. Vokes (1990b) s?
Comments: See also S. antillarum auct. = S. formosus. Nomen dubium according to E. H. Vokes (1989).

Murex (Murex) finlayi Clench, 1955, p. 1-2, figs. 1-3
Type Locality: Matanzas Bay, Cuba, 100 fathoms
Range: 23°N ; 81°W
Depth: 165 to 183 m (live 183 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 93 mm
Distribution: Cuba: North Matanzas
References: Clench (1955) DLlNSEWM; Clench (1959d); E. H. Vokes (1990b) s; Sunderland (1990a) d

Murex gundlachi Dunker, 1883, 
References: E. H. Vokes (1990b) s

Murex nodatus Reeve, 1845c,  pl. 25, fig. 107
Type Locality: Unknown
References: E. H. Vokes (1990b) s
Comments: Non Gmelin, 1791.

Partial List of References

Clench, W. J. 1955. A new Murex from Matanzas, Cuba Breviora 44 1-3. [Stated date: 08 Apr 1955.]
Hinds, R. B. 1844. Descriptions of new species of Scalaria and Murex, from the collection of Sir Edward Belcher, C. B. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 11 124-129. [Stated date: -- --- 1843.]
Reeve, L. 1845. Monograph of the genus Murex Conchologia Iconica 3 pls. 1-34

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