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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Volutoidea: Volutidae

Scaphella gouldiana (Dall, 1887)

Range: 32.72°N to 22.8°N; 81.8°W to 77.49°W
Depth: 73 to 931 m (live 494 to 494 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 102  mm


Voluta gouldiana Dall, 1887
Aurinia gouldiana (Dall, 1887) 
Clenchina gouldiana (Dall, 1887) 
Scaphella atlantis Clench, 1946
Aurinia atlantis (Clench, 1946) 


Voluta (Aurinia) gouldiana Dall, 1887b, p. 10, [Dall 1889a, pl. 29, fig. 3; Clench (1946), pl. 30, fig. 5]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Not stated [Albatross sta. 2625, about 75 miles off Cape Fear, North Carolina, 3235'N, 7730'W, 247 fms. (Clench 1946)]
Range: 32.72°N to 22.8°N; 81.8°W to 77.49°W
Depth: 73 to 931 m (live 494 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 74 mm
Distribution: USA: South Carolina, Florida: East Florida, Florida Keys; Bahamas: Bimini; Cuba: Villa Clara, North Camaguey
References: Dall (1889a) DLNEW; Clench & Aguayo (1940) S; Sunderland & Sunderland (1992b) M
Combining Genera:  Aurinia Clenchina

Scaphella (Aurinia) atlantis Clench, 1946, p. 53-54, pl. 29, fig. 5
Type Locality: Atlantis sta. 3415, off Punta Alegre, Camaguey, Cuba, 2251'30"N, 7855'30"W, 210 fathoms
Range: 24.5°N to 22.86°N; 81°W to 78.93°W
Depth: 183 to 384 m
Maximum Reported Size: 102 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: Florida Keys; Cuba: North Camaguey
References: Clench (1946) DSE; Sunderland & Sunderland (1992b) dNWM
Combining Genera:  Aurinia

Partial List of References

Clench, W. J. 1946. The genera Bathyaurinia, Rehderia and Scaphella in the Western Atlantic Johnsonia 2 41-60. [Stated date: 21 Dec 1946.]
Dall, W. H. 1887. Correspondence Conchologists' Exchange 2 9-10. [Stated date: -- Jul 1887.]

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