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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Volutoidea: Volutidae

Voluta polypleura Crosse, 1876

Range: 19°N to 9.5°N; 88°W to 79°W
Depth: 2 to 380 m
Maximum Reported Size: 108  mm


Voluta polypleura Crosse, 1876
Falsilyria demarcoi (Olsson, 1965) 
Voluta demarcoi Olsson, 1965
Falsilyria garciai Petuch, 1981
Falsilyria kotorai Petuch, 1981
Falsilyria retemirabilis Petuch, 1981
Falsilyria hilli Petuch, 1987
Falsilyria sunderlandi Petuch, 1987
Falsilyria ernesti Petuch, 1990
Voluta brunneocincta Poppe, 2001


Voluta musica var. polypleura Crosse, 1876a, p. 163-166, pl. 5, fig. 6
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Unknown
Range: 16°N to 12°N; 88°W to 83°W
Depth: 2 to 380 m
Maximum Reported Size: 94 mm
Distribution: Honduras
References: Poppe & Goto (1992) vDdNSEWM

Voluta polypleura "brunneocincta" Poppe, 2001, p. 81, figs. 17849, 17900 (p. 47)
[Not available]
Type Locality: From fisherman in Roatan, Honduras
Range: 16.2°N ; 86.5°W
Maximum Reported Size: 77.9 mm
Distribution: Honduras
References: Poppe (2001) NSEWM
Comments: Infrasubspecific as referred to as a form; also not flagged as new name.

Voluta demarcoi Olsson, 1965, 
Range: 17°N to 14.5°N; 86°W to 79°W
Depth: 2 to 50 m
Maximum Reported Size: 104 mm
Distribution: Honduras; Colombia: Serranilla Bank; Nicaragua; Jamaica: Pedro Bank
References: Petuch (1981b) d{N}W; García (1988b) NEM; García (1993); Díaz & Puyana (1994) DS{E}
Combining Genera:  Falsilyria

Falsilyria ernesti Petuch, 1990, p. 66, figs. 24-25
Type Locality: Off Portobelo, Panama
Range: 9.5°N ; 79.7°W
Depth: 61 to 65 m
Maximum Reported Size: 54 mm
Distribution: Panama
References: Petuch (1990) dNSEWM; García (1993) sd

Falsilyria garciai Petuch, 1981b, p. 1114-1115, fig. 3-4
Type Locality: Gorda Bank, Honduras, 35 m
Range: 16°N ; 82°W
Depth: 35 m
Maximum Reported Size: 71 mm
Distribution: Honduras
References: Petuch (1981b) DdNSEWM; Poppe & Goto (1992) s; García (1993) s

Falsilyria hilli Petuch, 1987, p. 71, pl. 12, figs. 5-6; pl. 14, fig. 9
Type Locality: Of[f] Punta Patuca, Honduras
Range: 16°N to 13°N; 83.5°W to 80°W
Depth: 30 to 68 m
Maximum Reported Size: 108 mm
Distribution: Honduras; Colombia: Serranilla Bank; Nicaragua
References: García (1988) NW; Poppe & Goto (1992) sDdSE; García (1993) M

Falsilyria kotorai Petuch, 1981b, p. 1115-1117, fig. 9-11
Type Locality: Rosalind Bank, Honduras, 36 m [In error? Off shore reefs of Nicaragua from 14°20'N to Corn Islands (García 1988b)]
Range: 14.3°N to 12.3°N; 83°W to 81.8°W
Depth: 36 m
Maximum Reported Size: 81 mm
Distribution: Colombia: Isla San Andres; Nicaragua
References: Petuch (1981b) DdM; García (1988b) NSE{W}; Poppe & Goto (1992) s; García (1993) sW

Falsilyria retemirabilis Petuch, 1981b, p. 1117-1118, fig. 12-13
Type Locality: Off Caratasca Cays, Honduras, 20 m [in error, Misteriosa Bank (García 1993)]
Range: 19°N ; 84°W
Depth: 20 m
Maximum Reported Size: 75 mm
Distribution: Cayman Islands: Misteriosa Bank
References: Petuch (1981b) DdNSEWM; Poppe & Goto (1992) s

Falsilyria strongei sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Manuscript name mentioned by Poppe & Goto (1992).

Falsilyria sunderlandi Petuch, 1987, p. 71-72, pl. 14, figs. 1-2
Type Locality: Off southern coast of Utila Island, Bay Islands, Honduras
Range: 16°N ; 87°W
Depth: 10 m
Maximum Reported Size: 55 mm
Distribution: Honduras: Utila Island
References: Poppe & Goto (1992) sM

Partial List of References

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