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Gastropoda: : Oxynooidea: Oxynoidae

Lobiger souverbii P. Fischer, 1857

Range: 27.8°N to 24°S; 89°W to 46°W
Depth: 11 to 44 m (live 11 to 44 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 12.5  mm


Lobiger souverbii P. Fischer, 1857
Lobiger viridis Pease, 1863
Lobiger pictus Pease, 1868
Lobiger nevilli Pilsbry, 1896
Lobiger pilsbryi Schwengel, 1941
Lobiger sagamiensis Baba, 1952


Lobiger souverbii P. Fischer, 1857a, p. 273-274, pl. 11, figs. 7-10 [Valdés & Héros (1998) fig. 8d]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Guadeloupe
Range: 27.8°N to 24°S; 89°W to 46°W
Depth: 11 to 44 m (live 11 to 44 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 11.5 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: East Florida, Florida Keys; Mexico: Yucatan State, Quintana Roo; Costa Rica; ABC Islands: Curacao; Cuba: Pinar del Rio; Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman Island; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Brazil: Sao Paulo
References: Er. Marcus (1957) E; Thompson (1977) M; Jensen & Clark (1983) N; Odé (1990c) D; Hess & Abbott (1994) M; Valdés & Héros (1998) T; Espinosa et al. (2006)
Comments: Live animal to 30 mm (Hess & Abbott 1994).

Lobiger nevilli Pilsbry, 1896c, p. 168, pl. 10, figs. 34-35 [Nevill & Nevill 1869, pl. 13, fig. 6]
Type Locality: Southern province of Ceylon
Maximum Reported Size: 5.5 mm
References: Pilsbry (1896c) M; Thompson (1977) s

Lobiger pictus Pease, 1868, 
References: Thompson (1977) s

Lobiger pilsbryi Schwengel, 1941a, p. 37-40, pl. 3, figs. 1-5
Type Locality: Gulf of Mexico off Sanibel Island
Range: 26.5°N ; 82°W
Depth: 11 m (live 11 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 12.5 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: West Florida
References: Schwengel (1941a) DdLlNSEWM; Valdés et al. (2006) s

Lobiger sagamiensis Baba, 1952, 
References: Jensen & Clark (1983) s

Lobiger souverbiei sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Error for souverbii by Engel (1925); Er. Marcus (1957).

Lobiger sowerbii sic, 
[Not available]
Comments: Error for souverbii by Jong & Coomans (1988).

Lobiger viridis Pease, 1863, 
References: Thompson (1977) s

Partial List of References

Fischer, P. 1857. Description d'espèces nouvelles Journal de Conchyliologie 5 273-277, pls. 8, 11. [Stated date: -- Jan 1857.]
Pilsbry, H. A. 1896. Philinidae, Gastropteridae, Aglajidae, Aplysiidae, Oxynoeidae, Runcinidae, Umbraculidae, Pleurobranchidae [cont.] Manual of Conchology (1)16(64) i-vii, 161-262, pls. 44-74, frontispiece. [True date: 23 Sep 1896.]
Schwengel, J. S. 1941. A genus and family of marine mollusks new to the United States Nautilus 55 37-40, pl.3. [Stated date: -- Oct 1941.]

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