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Gastropoda: : Cavolinioidea: Cavoliniidae

Diacavolinia angulosa (Gray, 1850)
Not found in the Western Atlantic

Maximum Reported Size: 4  mm


Cavolina angulosa Gray, 1850
Hyalaea angulata Souleyet, 1851


Cavolina angulosa Gray, 1850a, p. 8, [Souleyet 1849, pl. 4 {sic, 5}, fig. 1, 6]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Unknown
Distribution: Oceanic
References: van der Spoel, Bleeker & Kobayasi (1993) v; Valdés & Héros (1998) T
Comments: Restricted to the Indo-Pacific fide van der Spoel, Bleeker & Kobayasi (1993).

Hyalaea angulata Souleyet, 1851, p. 30, [Souleyet 1849, pl. 5, fig. 1-6]
[Objective synonym of valid name]
Attributed to: Eydoux & Souleyet (1852)
Type Locality: Not stated [Souleyet (1852b): l'océan Atlantique; les mers de l'Inde et de la Chine]
Maximum Reported Size: 4 mm
References: Souleyet (1852b:152) M; Valdés & Héros (1998) T

Partial List of References

Gray, J. E. 1850. Catalogue of the Mollusca in the Collection of the British Museum. Part II. Pteropoda  iv + 45 pp. Trustees of the British Museum: London. [Stated date: -- --- 1850; true date: 09 Feb 1850.]
Souleyet. 1851. Ordre des Ptéropodes Journal de Conchyliologie 2 28-38. [Stated date: 25 May 1851.]

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