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Gastropoda: : Hydromyloidea: Hydromylidae

Hydromyles globulosus (Rang, 1825)
Not found in the Western Atlantic

Maximum Reported Size: 7  mm


Psyche globulosa Rang, 1825
Euribia gaudichaudi Gray, 1850
Euribia gaudichaudii Souleyet, 1851
Halopsyche gaudichaudii (Souleyet, 1851) 
Anopsia gaudichaudii (Souleyet, 1851) 
Eurybia gaudichaudii (Souleyet, 1851) 
Theceurybia gaudichaudii (Souleyet, 1851) 


Psyche globulosa Rang, 1825,
[Basis of the current name]
Distribution: Oceanic
Comments: North Atlantic records are erroneous (van der Spoel, 1976:461).

Euribia gaudichaudi Gray, 1850a, p. 27, [Souleyet 1849, pl. 14, fig. 1-6]
Type Locality: Unknown

Euribia gaudichaudii Souleyet, 1851, p. 36, [Souleyet 1849, pl. 14, fig. 1-6]
Attributed to: Eydoux & Souleyet (1852)
Type Locality: Not stated [l'océan Pacifique, 20°N, 170°E (Souleyet 1852b)]
Maximum Reported Size: 7 mm
References: Souleyet (1852b:253) M; van der Spoel (1976) s
Combining Genera:  Anopsia Eurybia Halopsyche Theceurybia

Partial List of References

Gray, J. E. 1850. Catalogue of the Mollusca in the Collection of the British Museum. Part II. Pteropoda  iv + 45 pp. Trustees of the British Museum: London. [Stated date: -- --- 1850; true date: 09 Feb 1850.]
Souleyet. 1851. Ordre des Ptéropodes Journal de Conchyliologie 2 28-38. [Stated date: 25 May 1851.]

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