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Gastropoda: : Clionoidea: Pneumodermatidae

Pneumoderma violaceum d'Orbigny, 1834

Range: 40°N to 15°S; 90°W to 0°W
Depth: 0 to 0 m (live 0 to 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 25  mm


Pneumodermis atlantica Oken, 1815
Pneumodermon peronii Lamarck, 1819
Pneumodermon violaceum d'Orbigny, 1834
Pneumodermon cucullatum Gray, 1850
Pneumodermon audebardii Rang, 1852
Pneumodermon cuvierii Chenu, 1858
Pneumodermon pacificum Dall, 1871
Cirrifer paradoxus Pfeffer, 1879
Pneumonoderma boasi Pelseneer, 1887
Pneumonoderma souleyeti Pelseneer, 1887
Pneumonoderma heterocotylum Tesch, 1903
Pneumonoderma pygmaeum Tesch, 1903
Pneumoderma eurycotyla Meisenheimer, 1905
Pneumoderma atlanticum Bonnevie, 1913
Pneumoderma meisenheimeri Pruvot-Fol, 1926
Pneumoderma bonnevii van der Spoel, 1972


Pneumodemon [sic] violaceum d'Orbigny, 1834, p. 129 [1836], pl. 9, figs. 10-15 [1834]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: l'Océan Atlantique
Maximum Reported Size: 10 mm
Distribution: Oceanic
References: d'Orbigny (1836) M; Sabelli et al. (1990) v

Pneumodermis atlantica Oken, 1815, 
[Not available]
Range: 40°N to 15°S; 90°W to 0°W
Maximum Reported Size: 13 mm
Distribution: Bermuda, Brazil: unlocalized; Oceanic
References: van der Spoel (1976) M; van der Spoel & Dadon (1999) S
Comments: Oken (1815) was rejected by ICZN Opinion 417 (1956).

Pneumoderma atlantica Bonnevie, 1913, p. 67-69, pl. 6, fig. 49-51; text-figs. 43A-C, 44, 45A-B
Type Locality: Sta. 62, 36°52'N, 39°55'W, surface
Range: 36.87°N ; 39.92°W
Depth: 0 m (live 0 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 5 mm
Distribution: Oceanic
References: Bonnevie (1913) DdLlNSEWM; van der Spoel (1976) s

Pneumodermon audebardii Rang in Rang & Souleyet, 1852, p. 75, pl. 10, fig. 13
[Not available]
Type Locality: Not stated
References: van der Spoel (1976) s
Comments: Name introduced in synonymy of Pneumodermon peronii Lamarck.

Pneumonoderma boasi Pelseneer, 1887, 

Pneumoderma bonnevii van der Spoel, 1972, 
[Not available]
References: van der Spoel (1976) s
Comments: Infrasubspecific.

Pneumodermon cucullatum Gray, 1850a, p. 39, [Blainville 1825, pl. 46, fig. 4; Souleyet 1849, pl. 14, figs. 7, 16]
Type Locality: Atlantic Ocean
References: van der Spoel (1976) s

Pneumodermon cuvierii Chenu, 1858, 
[Synonymy uncertain]
References: van der Spoel (1976) s

Pneumoderma eurycotyla Meisenheimer, 1905, 
Range: 12°S to 12°S; 18°W
Distribution: Oceanic
References: van der Spoel (1976) s

Pneumonoderma heterocotylum Tesch, 1903, p. 114-115, [Tesch 1904, pl. 5, figs. 118, 118a-b, 119]
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Not stated [Siboga sta. 143, 1°4.5'S, 127°52.6'E (Tesch 1904)]
Maximum Reported Size: 5 mm
References: Tesch (1903) M

Pneumoderma meisenheimeri Pruvot-Fol, 1926, 
[Synonymy uncertain]

Pneumodermon pacificum Dall, 1871b, p. 139-140
Type Locality: North Pacific Ocean, 37°08'N, 136°10'
Maximum Reported Size: 25 mm
References: Dall (1871b) M

Cirrifer paradoxus Pfeffer, 1879, p. 246, fig. 20, 20a-b
Type Locality: 13°16'N, 26°W
Maximum Reported Size: 20 mm
References: Pfeffer (1879) M; van der Spoel (1976) s

Pneumodermon peronii Lamarck, 1819, p. 294, [Cuvier, Annales du Mus. pl. 59]
Type Locality: l'Océan atlantique
Comments: Has priority if the synonymy is correct, but precedence might be reversed if conditions of ICZN Article 23.9 apply.

Pneumonoderma pygmaeum Tesch, 1903, p. 115, [Tesch 1904, pl. 5, figs. 120-122]
Type Locality: Not stated [Siboga sta. 144, Damar Island (by lectotype designation of van der Spoel 1976: 201)]
Maximum Reported Size: 3 mm
Distribution: Oceanic
References: Tesch (1903) M; van der Spoel (1976) sT

Pneumonoderma souleyeti Pelseneer, 1887, 
Distribution: Oceanic

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