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Gastropoda: : Bathydoridoidea: Bathydorididae

Bathydoris clavigera Thiele, 1912

Range: 44.4°S to 77.25°S; 64.17°W to 0°W
Depth: 89 to 1400 m (live 160 to 1400 m)


Bathydoris clavigera Thiele, 1912
Bathydoris obliquata Odhner, 1934
Bathydoris argentina Kaiser, 1980
Bathydoris violacea Baranets, 1994


Bathydoris clavigera Thiele, 1912, p. 220-221, pl. 19, fig. 1-3
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Gauss-Station
Range: 53.6°S to 77.25°S; 54.76°W to 0°W
Depth: 160 to 669 m (live 160 to 669 m)
Distribution: Subantarctic: South Georgia, South Orkney Islands; Antarctica: Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea
References: Wägele (1987) DdLlNSEW

Bathydoris argentina Kaiser, 1980, 
Range: 44.4°S to 54.93°S; 64.17°W to 58.08°W
Depth: 89 to 1400 m (live 1400 m)
Distribution: Falkland Islands
References: Kaiser (1980) DdLlNSEW; Wägele (1987) s

Bathydoris obliquata Odhner, 1934, 
References: Minichev (1972); Wägele (1987) s

Bathydoris violacea Baranets, 1994, 
Range: 54°S to 54°S; 38°W
Distribution: Subantarctic: South Georgia
References: Valdés (2002) s

Partial List of References

Thiele, J. 1912. Die antarktischen Schnecken und Muscheln Deutsche Südpolar-Expedition 1901-1903 13 183-286, pls. 11-19 Georg Reimer: Berlin. [Stated date: -- Aug 1912.]

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