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Petuch, E. J. 1990. A new molluscan faunule from the Caribbean coast of Panama. Nautilus 104 57-70. [Stated date: 06 Sep 1990.]
     Conus brunneofilaris
     Dermomurex (Trialatella) cuna, see Dermomurex antecessor E. H. Vokes, 1975
     Latirus cuna, see Hemipolygona cuna (Petuch, 1990)
     Murexiella edwardpauli
     Oliva (Strephona) reticularis ernesti, see Oliva reticularis Lamarck, 1811
     Falsilyria ernesti, see Voluta polypleura Crosse, 1876
     Conus ernesti, see Conus philippii Kiener, 1845
     Chicoreus hilli, see Chicoreus bullisi E. H. Vokes, 1974
     Conus hilli, see Conus magellanicus Hwass, 1792
     Knefastia hilli
     Voluta lacertina, see Voluta virescens Lightfoot, 1786
     Prunum leonardhilli
     Mitra (Nebularia) leonardi, see Mitra leonardi Petuch, 1990
     Turritella marianopsis
     Murex rubidus panamicus, see Vokesimurex rubidus (F. C. Baker, 1897)
     Conus granarius panamicus, see Conus mappa granarius Kiener, 1845
     Conus portobeloensis
     Conus rosemaryae
     Fusiturricula sunderlandi

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