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Gastropoda: : Tonnoidea: Ficidae

Ficus holmesii Conrad, 1867
Fossil only


Ficus holmesii Conrad, 1867
Pyrula duplinensis B. Smith, 1907


Ficus holmesii Conrad, 1867c, p. 186, [Tuomey & Holmes, pl. 30, fig. 3]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: 'Pliocene', South Carolina
References: Campbell (1993)
Comments: Described as a fossil.

Pryula pilsbryi duplinensis B. Smith, 1907, p. 213-214, text-fig. 2
Type Locality: 'Miocene', Duplin County, North Carolina
References: Campbell (1993) s
Comments: Described as a fossil.

Partial List of References

Conrad, T. A. 1867. Descriptions of new Miocene shells American Journal of Conchology 3 186-187. [True date: 05 Sep 1867.]
Smith, B. 1907. A contribution to the morphology of Pyrula Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 59 208-219, pl. 17. [Stated date: -- May 1907; true date: 20 Jun 1907.]

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