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Gastropoda: : Rissooidea: Rissoininae

Zebina vitrinella (Mörch, 1876)

Range: 26°N to 12.2°N; 77°W to 65°W
Depth: 0 to 23 m
Maximum Reported Size: 5.4  mm


Zebina browniana auct. non d'Orbigny, 1842
Rissoina major Mörch, 1876
Rissoina vitrinella Mörch, 1876
Zebina cordorae Jong & Coomans, 1988


Rissoina (Zebina) vitrinella Mörch, 1876a, p. 45, [Faber 2005b, figs. 9-14]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: St. Thomas
Range: 26°N to 12.2°N; 77°W to 65°W
Depth: 0 to 10 m
Maximum Reported Size: 5.4 mm
Distribution: ABC Islands: Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire; Bahamas: Abaco (Great or Little); Dominican Republic; Virgin Islands: St. Thomas
References: Mörch (1876a) E; Redfern (2001) Dd; Faber (2005b) NSWTM
Comments: Faber (2005b) designates a lectotype, but its measurements fit those of Mörch's Rissoina vitrinella var. major, described on the same page, so it is not clear if the specimen was eligible to be a lectotype. It may be subsequently collected material in the Riise collection. Faber (2005b) regards specimens illustrated as Z. vitrinella by Jong & Coomans (1988) from Aruba and by Redfern (2001) from Abaco as being an unidentified species, but confirms the presence of Z. vitrinella in Aruba.

Zebina browniana auct. non d'Orbigny, 1842, 
[Not available]
Range: 26°N ; 77°W
Depth: 23 m
Maximum Reported Size: 4.25 mm
Distribution: Bahamas: Abaco (Great or Little)
References: Redfern (2001) DdNSEWM; Faber (2005b) s
Comments: Misidentification by Redfern (2001, in part, p. 18, fig. 151C).

Zebina cordorae Jong & Coomans, 1988, p. 28, pl. 1, fig. 120
Type Locality: Curaçao
Range: 12.2°N ; 69°W
Maximum Reported Size: 5.4 mm
Distribution: ABC Islands: Curacao
References: Jong & Coomans (1988) NSEWM; Faber (2005b) s

Rissoina (Zebina) vitrinella var. major Mörch, 1876a, p. 45, not figured
Type Locality: Not stated
Maximum Reported Size: 5.3 mm
References: Mörch (1876a) M

Partial List of References

Jong, K. M. de and H. E. Coomans. 1988. Marine gastropods from Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire Studies on the Fauna of Curaçao and other Caribbean Islands 69 1-261, 47 pls.
Mörch, O. A. L. 1876. Synopsis molluscorum marinorum Indiarum occidentalium imprimis insularum danicarum Malakozoologische Blätter 23 45-58, 87-143.

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