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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Muricoidea: Rapaninae

Stramonita canaliculata (Gray, 1839)

Range: 30°N to 20°N; 97°W to 85.28°W
Depth: 0.3 to 11 m
Maximum Reported Size: 112.5  mm


Thais canaliculata (Gray, 1839) 
Fusus canaliculatus Gray, 1839
Thais haysae Clench, 1927


Fusus canaliculatus Gray, 1839, p. 116, [Yen 1942, pl. 21, fig. 140]
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: 'China' [in error]
Range: 30°N to 20°N; 97°W to 89°W
Maximum Reported Size: 112 mm
Distribution: USA: Texas; Mexico: Campeche State, Yucatan State
References: Yen (1942) T
Comments: Liu, Foltz & Stickle (1991) demonstrated allozyme differences in sympatry in the northern Gulf of Mexico between S. haemastoma canaliculata and S. haemastoma floridana. They are thus distinct species, not subspecies, so Stramonita canaliculata is used here as a full species.
Combining Genera:  Thais

Thais floridana haysae Clench, 1927, p. 6-8, [Clench 1930, pl. 2, fig. 1]
Type Locality: Grand Bayou, Mississippi delta, Louisiana
Range: 30°N to 28.3°N; 96.5°W to 85.28°W
Depth: 0.3 to 11 m
Maximum Reported Size: 112.5 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: West Florida; USA: Louisiana, Texas
References: Clench (1927) M; Harry (1942) d; Clench (1947) N; Parker (1955) SW; Springer & Bullis (1956) DE; Kool (1993: 210); Abbott (1974) s
Comments: Clench (1927) cited pl. 1, fig. 1, but the plate was not published. This omission was corrected in 1930, where the species is illustrated on pl. 2. The caption for the plate says "Figs. 10, 11. Thais floridana haysae Clench, Nautilus XLI, p. 6"; however, the text in 1927 shows that fig. 11 is a specimen of Thais floridana from North Carolina for comparison and is not part of the type series of haysae.

Partial List of References

Clench, W. J. 1927. A new subspecies of Thais from Louisiana Nautilus 41 6-8. [Stated date: -- Jul 1927.]
Gray, J. E. 1839. Molluscous animals, and their shells The Zoology of Captain Beechey's Voyage 101-142, pls. 33-38 Henry G. Bohn: London. [Stated date: -- Jul 1839.]

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