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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Buccinoidea: Fasciolariinae

Triplofusus giganteus (Kiener, 1840)

Range: 35°N to 18.7°N; 97°W to 76°W
Depth: 0 to 200 m (live 0.3 to 28 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 609  mm


Fasciolaria papillosa Sowerby I, 1825
Fasciolaria gigantea Kiener, 1840
Pleuroploca giganteus (Kiener, 1840) 
Fasciolaria gigantea d'Orbigny, 1847
Fasciolaria crocata Philippi, 1848
Fasciolaria reevei Jonas, 1850
Fasciolaria nodulosa Emmons, 1858
Fasciolaria elongata Strebel, 1911
Fasciolaria harveyensis Mansfield, 1930
Fasciolaria acmensis B. Smith, 1940
Fasciolaria duplinensis B. Smith, 1940


Fasciolaria gigantea Kiener, 1840b, p. 5-6, pl. 10-11
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: "l'océan Pacifique?"
Range: 35°N to 18.7°N; 97°W to 76°W
Depth: 0 to 200 m (live 0.3 to 28 m)
Maximum Reported Size: 609 mm
Distribution: USA: North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida: East Florida, West Florida, Florida Keys; USA: Texas; Mexico: Campeche State, Yucatan State, Alacran Reef, Quintana Roo
References: Kurtz (1860); Springer & Bullis (1956) W; Lyons et al. (1971) d; Porter (1974) DLN; García-Cubas (1982) S
Comments: Non d'Orbigny, 1847; may be a junior synonym of Pleuroploca papillosa Sowerby I, 1825.
Combining Genera:  Pleuroploca

Fasciolaria papillosa acmensis B. Smith, 1940, p. 6-7, pl. 1, fig. 3-4
Type Locality: Acme, North Carolina, Pliocene (Waccamaw Formation)
Maximum Reported Size: 364 mm
References: B. Smith (1940) M; Campbell (1993) s

Fasciolaria crocata Philippi, 1848c, p. 25
Type Locality: Yucatan
Maximum Reported Size: 72 mm
Distribution: Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula
References: Philippi (1848c) M; C. W. Johnson (1919b) s

Fasciolaria papillosa duplinensis B. Smith, 1940, p. 5-6, pl. 1, fig. 1-2
Type Locality: Strickland's marl pit near Magnolia, Duplin County, North Carolina
Maximum Reported Size: 279 mm
References: B. Smith (1940) M; Campbell (1993) s

Fasciolaria elongata Strebel, 1911, 
References: Snyder (2003b) s

Fasciolaria gigantea d'Orbigny, 1847b, p. 169, pl. 23, fig. 25
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Cuba [In error]
Maximum Reported Size: 470 mm
References: d'Orbigny (1847b) M
Comments: Type locality is Cuba, but this is presumably erroneous as Triplofusus giganteus has not subsequently been reported from Cuba.

Fasciolaria gigantea harveyensis Mansfield, 1930, p. 63, pl. 6, fig. 1
Type Locality: Harveys Creek, about half a mile above abandoned mill, Leon County, Florida
Maximum Reported Size: 73.5 mm
References: Mansfield (1930) M; Campbell (1993) s
Comments: Described as a fossil.

Fasciolaria nodulosa Emmons, 1858, p. 253-254, fig. 116
Type Locality: Miocene of the Cape Fear River
References: Campbell (1993) s
Comments: Non Defrance, 1820.

Fasciolaria papillosa Sowerby I, 1825, p. xvi
[Synonymy uncertain]
Type Locality: Not stated
Maximum Reported Size: 94 mm
References: Sowerby I (1825) M
Comments: Name was used as valid by Strebel (1911) and Snyder 2003; has priority over Pleuroploca gigantea if the synonymys is correct.

Fasciolaria reevei Jonas in Philippi, 1850c, p. 121-122, pl. 3, fig. 2
Attributed to: Jonas MS
Type Locality: Unknown
Maximum Reported Size: 150 mm
Distribution: USA: Florida: West Florida

Partial List of References

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