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Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Volutoidea: Turbinellidae

Vasum globulus (Lamarck, 1816)

Range: 18°N to 17°N; 67°W to 61.8°W
Depth: 8 to 11 m
Maximum Reported Size: 43  mm


Buccinella tuberculata G. Perry, 1811
Turbinella globulus Lamarck, 1816
Voluta globosa Dillwyn, 1817
Turbinella nuttingi Henderson, 1919
Vasum antiguense Usticke, 1969
Vasum antiguaense Usticke, 1971


Turbinella globulus Lamarck, 1816, pl. 431 bis*, fig. 2
[Basis of the current name]
Type Locality: Not stated [Unknown (Lamarck 1822b)]
Range: 18°N to 17.6°N; 67°W to 61.8°W
Maximum Reported Size: 42 mm
Distribution: Barbuda
References: Lamarck (1822b) M; Higgins & Marrat (1877) SE
Comments: Eastern Atlantic records are spurious fide Faber (1988).

Vasum antiguaensis Usticke, 1971, p. 15, pl. 3, fig. 837
Type Locality: Fort James, Antigua
Range: 17.1°N ; 61.9°W
Maximum Reported Size: 34 mm
Distribution: Antigua
References: Usticke (1971) NSEWM
Comments: Unjustified emendation of antiguensis; original spelling is cited on p. 15, but new spelling is used in species heading, plate caption and index.

Vasum globulum antiguensis Usticke, 1969, p. 19, pl. 4, fig. 837
Type Locality: St. Johns, Antigua, 25-35 feet [Fort James, Antigua (locality of lectotype according to Boyko & Cordeiro 2001)]
Range: 17.1°N ; 61.9°W
Depth: 8 to 11 m
Maximum Reported Size: 35 mm
Distribution: Antigua
References: Usticke (1969) DdNSEWM; Usticke (1971) T; Faber (1988) s; Boyko & Cordeiro (2001a)

Voluta globosa Dillwyn, 1817, p. 569-570, [Chemnitz, 1795, pl. 178, fig. 1715-1716]
Attributed to: Chemnitz
Type Locality: Unknown
Maximum Reported Size: 31 mm
References: Dillwyn (1817) M; Abbott (1950b) s

Turbinella nuttingi Henderson, 1919, 
Range: 17°N ; 61.8°W
Maximum Reported Size: 43 mm
Distribution: Antigua

Buccinella tuberculata G. Perry, 1811a, 
References: Abbott (1950) s; Petit (2003)
Comments: Declared a nomen oblitum by Petit (2003) under ICZN Article 23.9.2, with the junior synonym Vasum globulus becoming a nomen protectum.

Partial List of References

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Usticke, G. W. Nowell. 1969. A Supplementary Listing of New Shells, to be Added to the Check List of the Marine Shells of St. Croix  32 pp., 6 pls. Author: St. Croix. [Stated date: -- Feb 1969.]
Usticke, G. W. Nowell. 1971. A Supplementary Listing of New Shells, revised edition  32 pp., 6 pls. Author: St. Croix.

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